Business Fields

The Nippon Paint Group gives color to lifestyles and industries as a pioneering manufacturer of paint in Japan.

Nippon Paint was founded in 1881 as the
first paint manufacturer in Japan.
In the 130 plus years since then, we have built on
our technologies, broadened our network,
and expanded our business fields.
We not only create paints tailored to
our customers' needs but also offer high-quality
coating systems for effective paint application,
and surface treatments for adding functions to the
base material in the pre-coating process.
Today, the Nippon Paint Holdings Group contributes to various
fields of society as the only paint manufacturer in Japan
that provides paint and surface treatment solutions in one stop.

Nippon Paint Group's 7 Business Fields

Paint Business

Automotive coatings
Automotive coatings
Our automotive paints combine high function with attractive design. We also develop paints for bumpers and plastic components.
Trade-use paints
Trade-use paints
Our trade-use paints are used widely from houses to bridges in the architectural and protective coating market. The products are designed to improve on-site productivity.
Industrial-use paints
Industrial coatings
Our industrial-use paints target a broad range of products including construction machinery, farm machinery, exterior building materials, office equipment, and household electrical appliances.
Paints for vessels
Marine Coatings
Our paints for vessels prevent fouling caused by marine organisms and improve the ship's speed. The products are developed to help reduce fuel consumption.
Paints for automotive repairs, homes, and roads
Paints for automotive repairs, DIY, and roads
We offer paints with various functions for a broad range of uses such as automotive repairs, road surface markings, and DIY and personal use.

Fine Chemicals Business

Surface treatments
Surface treatments
Our surface treatments give diverse materials added value with functions such as anti-corrosive, film adhesion, and improved durability.
Fine products
Fine products
We are cultivating new markets by applying our technology in paints and surface treatments to different fields such as electronic materials and energy.


Nippon Paint's increasing competitiveness, from a pioneer in Japan to a presence across the globe

Nippon Paint established a joint venture in Singapore in 1962, which would form the basis of our business in Asia today. In the half-century since, we continued to promote our business overseas and expanded our network to North America and Europe. Today we are working to strengthen our competitiveness and presence in the world.

Area Map

Japan - Taking the advanced technologies and high quality established in Japan, and expanding it globally

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Nippon paint operates a head office in Osaka and production bases, branches, and offices throughout Japan, where customers demand high quality and function, meticulous services, and a stable supply. The technologies and services established here promise to be a strength in overseas markets.

Asia - Establishing top-brand status in the growing market of Asia

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The Nippon Paint Holdings Group recognizes Asia—the substantial size and growth potential of the market—as the key to our global strategy. We have a strong presence in the huge market of China, where we boast the top share in the fields of architectural and DIY paints. With the recent boom in industrial products such as automobiles, we established development centers in China and Singapore as well as bases in developing countries including Bangladesh with an eye to further expanding our market share.

Americas - Expanding business fiekds in the high and sustainable growth market of Ameticas

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The Nippon Paint Holdings Group expanded into North America in the late 1980s, when Japanese automakers increased their presence in the market. We established Nippon Paint (USA) Inc. in 1990, and have bases in Canada and Mexico. In 2017 we acquired DUNN-EDWARDS CORPORATION, and work to expand architectural paint in the Americas, which was previously focused on automotive coatings.

Europe - Expanding business fields in the competitive paint market of Europe

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Europe is as big a market as North America, and a competitive market where major Western paint makers spare no effort to win a larger share. The Nippon Paint Holdings Group established Nippon Paint (Europe) Ltd. in the UK in 1989. Today, with bases also in Germany and Turkey, we are expanding our field of business in Europe centering on automotive coatings.