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Corporate Governance

Fundamental Value

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd., acknowledging corporate governance as one of the most important management missions, has been striving for enhancing its corporate governance in order to realize the sustainable growth and medium/long term enhancement of the corporate value of the Nippon Paint Group. Nippon Paint Holdings’ effort encompasses effective corporate governance through realizing a management structure that can swiftly and accurately adapt to changes in the business environment, with a high level of management transparency.

To maintain and promote this effort, Nippon Paint Holdings has established the Corporate Governance Policy conveying the fundamental value, framework, and guideline on the corporate governance of the Nippon Paint Group.

Nippon Paint Holdings Corporate Governance Policy (Revised on March 3, 2017)

Organization Chart of Corporate Governance

Organization Chart

Internal Control System

Nippon Paint is building an internal control system with the aims of ensuring management efficiency, reliable financial reporting, compliance with laws, and risk management.

  1. A system to ensure that the execution of duties by directors and employees complies with laws and our articles of incorporation
  2. A system to govern the storage and management of data related to the execution of duties by directors
  3. A system to regulate the management of risks of loss
  4. A system to ensure efficient execution of duties by directors
  5. A system to ensure appropriate operations of the group, comprising incorporated companies, parent company, and subsidiaries
  6. Matters concerning employees required by auditors to assist auditing duties
  7. Matters concerning the independence from directors of employees assisting auditing duties
  8. A system related to reporting from directors and employees to auditors, and other reporting to auditors
  9. A system to ensure that audits by auditors are otherwise performed effectively
  10. A system related to our basic policy for eliminating antisocial forces

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Report (Issued on July 24, 2017)