Approach to Responsible Care

Approach to ResponsibleCoatings Care

Initiatives for Responsible Care

As a corporate that handles chemicals, Nippon Paint believes in taking responsibility for all stages of a product's life cycle, from development to production, to disposal. We promote voluntary management activities, taking measures from the perspectives of environmental preservation, disaster preparedness, occupational health and safety, and chemical safety, and using a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to continue improving on these measures.

Basic Policy

The Nippon Paint Group is committed to the Responsible Care initiative* and contributes to a sound, safe environment through our business activities of creating attractive colors and spaces while conserving materials and resources. The employees of all group organizations recognize this as our responsibility and cooperate to build relationships of trust with our customers and everyone in the global community.
* Responsible Care is a global initiative to improve the chemical industry's performance in environmental preservation, disaster preparedness, occupational health and safety, logistics safety, chemical safety, product safety, and communication with stakeholders

Occupational health and safety

The Nippon Paint Group adheres to an original set of safety principles in which the term "safety" has a broad definition covering health, disaster preparedness, and pollution-free. We are set to continue activities to protect the safety of our work environments.

Nippon Paint's Safety Principles
  1. No safety, no prosperity for the company; no prosperity for the company, no happiness for the employees
  2. Safety is the foundation of corporate activities and a prerequisite for remarkable business performance
  3. Safety management starts with human love and sense of responsibility for people
  4. Disaster prevention and control are the basis for safety management
  5. All man-made disasters can be prevented; incidents of man-made disaster can be reduced to zero
* The term "safety," as it is used here, has a broad definition covering health, disaster preparedness, and pollution-free.

Chemicals management

The Nippon Paint Group works to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment by managing the chemical content of our paints and reducing the use of hazardous substances.

Basic concept

Paints are made from raw materials that contain various chemicals, some of which are hazardous to the environment. The Nippon Paint Group continues to strive for the appropriate management of chemicals and the reduction in use of hazardous substances to meet increasingly stringent global regulations.

Measures to prevent hazardous substances leakage accidents

We take measures to prevent the leakage of hazardous substances, and further dedicate part of our regional disaster preparedness training each year to a course in dealing with leakage accidents. One session, for example, simulates a situation in which a truck gets in an accident and spills our products on the highway. The participants are trained to prevent expansion and collect the released substance. The aim is to foster the ability to respond swiftly in the event a problem arises.