Releasing new content “Exploring Paint”

Unveiling “Exploring Paint,” content to introduce the appeal of paints and coatings from various aspects.

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In the newly disclosed “Exploring Paint,” we will deliver new “revelations” by conveying the roles of paints and coatings, “protection, aesthetics and functions,” from the familiar angles of construction and color.

In the new content “The Power of Colors,” you can discover the connections between history and colors through the vivid colors of Shitennoji Temple, Osaka, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan.

The Power of Colors —Shunsuke Kurakata: Unraveling from Shitennoji Temple—

The Power of Colors—Shunsuke Kurakata: Unraveling from Shitennoji Temple— Architectural historian Shunsuke Kurakata : Professor at Osaka City University. While being engaged in research of the modern and contemporary history of Japanese architecture, he is actively promoting the value of architecture among the public.

Famous Japanese Architect Hideyuki Nakayama talked about how he confronts colors in his creative work and also episodes on how he aspired to become an architect for up-and-coming architects where several architects discuss their sentiments on modeling, materials, color and other factors.

Colors seen from the perspective of an architect —Hideyuki Nakayama: Exploring the world of designing— [Vol.1/Vol.2]

Colors seen from the perspective of an architect—Hideyuki Nakayama: Exploring the world of designing—  Architect Hideyuki Nakayama: Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts, and completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Established his own design office, Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture. He has been an associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Going forward, this new section will take you through new topics about paints and coatings. Please check and discover fascinating world that paints and coatings can offer.

Check “Exploring Paint” from the link below.

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