Nippon Paint Holdings Formulates a Basic Policy on Its Group’s Social Contribution Activities

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Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. has announced that it has formulated a basic policy on the social contribution activities of its entire group, including its partner companies both within Japan and overseas.

In line with our ESG Statement* established in August 2020, we have formulated the new basic policy as follows:

Basic policy:

At Nippon Paint Holdings Group we aim to conduct our business activities to support and enable sustainable development everywhere we operate. Providing color, comfort, and safety to people everywhere has been our mission since the company was founded. For “Growth with community,”* one of our materiality themes toward sustainable development, we will conduct activities focusing on three pillars we call “the 3Es.”

Focus areas (3Es)

Education of children and students as our future customers or employees

Empowerment of the socially disadvantaged through activity support and vocational training, as well as identifying and encouraging talented individuals

Engagement of local communities, stakeholders, and NGOs through collaboration with them and activities such as providing support for those affected by disasters

From now on, we will further promote our social contribution activities by strengthening our activity promotion system both within Japan and overseas. We will also facilitate closer communication and collaboration with our stakeholders, and promote transparent disclosure.

« About the ESG statement »

In April 2020, we established the ESG Promotion Department to firmly embed an ESG perspective in our corporate management and promote ESG management. In August the same year, we formulated an ESG Statement, which defines our basic principles for ESG management. 

(Link to the ESG Statement page:

« About materiality »

Our six themes of materiality are: (1) Climate change, (2) Resources and environment, (3) Diversity and inclusion, (4) Safe people and operations, (5) Growth with communities, and (6) Innovation for a sustainable future. 

(Link to the Materiality page :

[Contact regarding this news release]

ESG Promotion Department   Tel.: +81-(0)3-6433-0711 (main line)

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