Social media official account management policy


The Japan Pain Holdings Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") aims to deepen your understanding of the Group by disseminating updated information on the Group's business activities, initiatives, and events. We will use the official social media account (hereinafter referred to as the "official account"). We have established this policy and will comply with it when disseminating information.
This policy shall be applied to each account described below officially operated by Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

Basic policy

The official account complies with relevant laws and internal rules and speaks in good faith as a member of a sensible society.
Information dissemination through the official account is positioned as an auxiliary information dissemination of the Group's official website, and the official website ( For the official announcements and opinions of the Group. We will inform you in html).

How to operate

The Group operates official accounts as follows. However, the operation method is subject to change without notice.

  1. Information to send

    The Group will send the following information through its official account.

    • Content update information on the official website
    • Announcements and information regarding various activities and events
    • Other information related to the Group
  2. Response to replies, comments, etc.
    The Group does not reply to all comments and messages sent to official accounts. As a general rule, we will not reply to questions that are not related to the transmission of the official account or questions by direct message.
    In addition, if the Group determines that it is an inappropriate reply or comment as listed below, it may be deleted without prior notice or consent to the poster.
    The Group is not responsible for the content of comments, etc. posted by the user to the official account, as they were sent by the user. If you have any comments or inquiries about the content, please contact the user who posted it directly.

    • Things that violate the law
    • Things that are offensive to public order and morals
    • Things that induce or promote criminal acts
    • Anything that causes damage or disadvantage to a third party
    • Those who slander a third party
    • Impersonating another user, a third party, etc.
    • Infringement of patent rights, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights and other rights of third parties
    • For the purpose of politics, religion, commercial activities, etc.
    • The contents described are false or significantly different from the facts.
    • Part or all of the content sent by the Group has been modified.
    • For the purpose of advertising / sales promotion of products / services of posters or third parties
    • Repeating relentless postings that interfere with the operation of official accounts (spamming, etc.)
    • Those that spread harmful programs, etc.
    • Other items that are judged to be inappropriate in terms of operation
  3. Measures such as blocks
    The Group may temporarily or permanently block anyone who makes a post that the Group determines to be an inappropriate reply or comment listed in the preceding paragraph.

Intellectual property rights, etc.

  1. Copyrights, portrait rights and other rights related to articles, photos, illustrations, sounds, videos, etc. posted on the official account belong to the Group or those with legitimate authority. However, you can freely use sharing such as "retweet" and "share" for articles posted on the official account. It is also possible to reprint with the source specified.

  2. The copyright of comments, etc. received for the official account belongs to the person who posted it, but the posted content is used by the Group free of charge and non-exclusively (editing, excerpt, duplication, publication, translation). Etc.)).


  1. The accuracy and completeness of the information sent from the official account is not always guaranteed.

  2. Even if the information posted on the official account is incorrect, or if you change or delete it, or if you do not change or delete it, you may suffer damage, loss, expense, burden, etc. The group does not take any responsibility.

  3. The Group will not be held responsible for any damages, losses, expenses, burdens, etc. caused by suspending or abolishing the official account.

  4. The Group is not liable for any damages caused by harmful programs such as computer viruses within the official account

Enactment date April 1, 2018

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