Sustainability Initiatives

The Group is pursuing maximization of shareholder value by creating wealth through solving social issues, with the SDGs and ESG at the core of management.

Messages from Outside Directors of the Board

Masataka Mitsuhashi Independent Director of the Board

In FY2020, NPHD shifted to a Company with Three Committees structure. We have since been striving to further ensure transparency of management and create value through technology innovations with the SDGs and ESG at the core of management. The year 2020 is a period of major transformation for NPHD with the reform of the corporate organizational structure and various new initiatives being under way. As an outside director of the Company, I am confident that NPHD will be capable of capturing growing markets in the global paint industry, mainly China and other Asian regions. I also believe that the Company will achieve the global top position in the long run by executing unparalleled strategies for creating value and leveraging initiatives such as the SDGs and ESGs.

Independent Director of the Board
Masataka Mitsuhashi
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