Society today is increasingly facing issues that cannot be solved using past methods. We are enhancing our ability to generate innovation by improving our proprietary paint and coating technologies and actively engaging in collaborative partnerships.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Basic approach to generating innovation

The Nippon Paint Group uses its innovative coating solutions for everything from automobiles to structural landmarks to bring colors and joy to people’s everyday lives.
Our stated Purpose of Enriching our living world through the power of Science + Imagination has driven our many years of applying our technological strengths to create products that solve social issues.
High technology is essential to generating innovative solutions for social issues and customer needs as well as to boosting our competitive advantage, such as by enabling a steady supply of products.
We are strengthening the overall power of the Group's technical engineers around the world and and our collaborations with other companies to develop strategic technologies and introduce groundbreaking solutions. Our pursuit of innovative products and services is also guided by an accurate understanding of the changing needs and demands of customers and consumers in the global market.

An R&D structure designed for innovation

Internal structure

We are building a structure for generating innovation that links all Group companies. We have also established the Global Team that works directly under the Directors, Representative Executive Officers & Co-Presidents with the goal of addressing our materiality of Innovation for a Sustainable Future. The Global Team discusses systems and ways to energize the organization to accelerate innovation that will produce a continuous flow of business opportunities and develop new markets for our products and services. Discussions in 2021 centered on how to identify social issues and reflect them in our R&D themes, creating innovation by proposing collaborations to address climate change issues, and developing activities with research institutions and other industries. Our actions in 2022 will include the establishment of our unique innovation framework that integrates sustainability perspective into R&D activities and development of medium- and long-term innovation strategy.

Collaborative creation with a wide variety of partners

We are actively working with a wide variety of partners to create new value for society. We are fully leveraging internal and external resources to pursue innovation that will help find solutions to the increasingly complex issues society is facing.

Collaboration projects

●Proactive open innovation collaborations with universities and research institutes
In May 2020, we concluded an industry-academia co-creation agreement with the University of Tokyo to research coating technologies for a smart, remote, and sustainable society capable of coexisting with infectious diseases. In 2021, we are continuing to broaden our efforts to contribute to society, including launching a three-party industry-academia collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Press release announcing the collaboration with the University of Tokyo here.

●Joint development of automotive coatings technologies with a major automaker
Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation have joined to develop decorative films for solar cells for the next-generation of the automotive industry and a carbon-free society
Press release here.

The latest information on other R&D projects is available here.

Focus areas in Innovation Creation

We are focused on developing clean technologies in the following areas:

Core technologies, such as painting, material synthesis and dispersion, and interface and surface technologies
Core technologies

A breakdown of R&D expenses is provided here.
Information about the Nippon Paint Group R&D activities and technologies is available here.

Specific Initiatives for Innovation

Anti-Viral Paint Products in the Nippon Paint Group that contribute to our business

  • Singapore


    VirusGuard+ Antiviral Coating

  • Malaysia


    VirusGuard Anti-viral Coating

  •  Japan


    PROTECTON series
    Information of PROTECTON

  • China



    CIAA: Chinese Industry alliance for Antimicrobial Materials and Products

Technology Case Studies

Products Addressing Social Issues

Some of our new products and technologies introduced in 2020 and 2021

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