The Group will establish effective governance frameworks to ensure the transparency, objectivity, and fairness of the management of the companies and earn society’s trust everywhere it operates.

Our Approach to Corporate Governance

  • We will establish effective governance frameworks to ensure the transparency, objectivity, and fairness of the management of our company and earn society’s trust everywhere we operate.
  • The Board of Directors recognizes fiduciary responsibilities to all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, and supervises the Group’s overall management by taking responsibility for the Company’s sustainable growth and maximization of mid- to long-term shareholder value (MSV) through the appropriate exercise of its authority.
  • Maximization of shareholder value (MSV)” at the Company is defined as “maximizing the financial value remaining after the performance of obligations to customers, employees, trading partners, society, etc.”
Our approach to corporate governance
Overview and System of corporate governanceTo accelerate the enhancement of supervision and execution of the Board of Directors in an attempt to realize the maximization of shareholder value (MSV), we became a Company with Three Committees (Nomination, Audit and Remuneration) by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders in March 2020. We will provide an overview and introduce the structure of our current corporate governance.
  • Overview of corporate governance
  • System of corporate governance
  • Board of Directors
  • Experience and Expertise of Directors and Executive Officers
  • Outside Director of the Board Independence Judgment Standards/Role of Independent Directors of the Board
  • Executive System
  • Voluntarily established meeting bodies
  • Corporate Governance Report(PDF)
  • Corporate Governance Policies(PDF)
Management Transparency and Sustainable GrowthThrough the transition to a Company with Three Committees (Nomination, Audit and Remuneration), we aim to separate management supervision from business execution, enhance the transparency, objectivity, and fairness of corporate management, promote global audits, protect the interests of minority shareholders, and reinforce our relationships with domestic and overseas stakeholders. Here, we will introduce various initiatives for the above purposes.
  • Analysis and assessment of effectiveness of Board of Directors
  • Appointment and dismissal of directors
  • Remuneration decision-making policy and the Remuneration Committee’s activities
  • Representative Executive Officer and Executive Officer successor plan
  • Shareholder Engagement
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Promoting global audits
Internal ControlWe will introduce the basic policy of our internal control system and its operational status.
  • Overview of internal control
  • Basic policy on internal control systems
  • Operation status of internal control system
Risk ManagementWe will introduce our risk management system and initiatives.
  • System of Risk Management
  • Risks and Opportunities
ComplianceWe will introduce our compliance system and initiatives.
  • Compliance system and initiatives
  • Compliance education
  • Enhancement of compliance consultation services (an internal reporting system)
  • Establishing internal rules regarding compliance
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