Asset Assembler

Our business model for pursuing MSV through organic growth endeavors and strategic M&A activities

Our Business Model: Asset Assembler

We relentlessly aim for growth based on Asset Assembler model through organic growth endeavors and good and low risk M&As backed by autonomous and decentralized management that extracts the full talent of our leaders in our partner companies. Our Asset Assembler model for achieving Maximization of Shareholder Value (MSV), our sole mission, stands as a distinctive notion.

Our Medium to Long-Term Growth Model as an Asset Assembler

In our existing businesses, the excellent management team in each region pursues autonomous growth by creating synergies through the proactive sharing of technical capability, distribution networks, purchasing capability, know-how, and brands within the Group. At the same time, we execute good and low risk M&As, thereby boosting our performance and building up newly acquired brands and human resources, which can be further leveraged within the Group.

*1. The earnings of Betek Boya are after adjusting for hyperinflationary accounting, 2. The earnings of Vital Technical are for nine months of 2021, converted to JPY at the exchange rate of MYR/JPY=26.61 yen, 3. The earnings of JUB are for seven months

Autonomous and Decentralized Management Based on Strong Trust in Partner Companies

Nippon Paint Group is pursuing autonomous growth through collaboration and cooperation among Group partner companies in each region backed by autonomous and decentralized management that combines the delegation of authority and accountability based on trust in our partner companies around the world.

Asset Assembled to Date

  • Revenue

  • Existing businesses

  • New M&As*

    *Total revenue of companies acquired in FY2018 and afterwards

  • Number of key brands

  • Number of CEOs of key partner companies

  • Engineering talent (consolidated)

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