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Shareholder meeting materials, information concerning shareholder returns and the stock price, and analyst ratings and analyst consensus

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Shareholder Returns

Capital Policy

Our top management priority is to pursue Maximization of Shareholder Value that remains after fulfilling our obligations to stakeholders, such as customers, employees, suppliers, society.
Our focus is to raise total shareholder return (TSR) through earnings per share (EPS) growth by prioritizing growth investments while maintaining financial discipline. As part of our effort to increase TSR, our policy is to maintain steady and consistent dividend payments with a target dividend payout ratio of 30% while taking full account of factors including the trend in earnings and investment opportunities available.

Per Share Information

Details of Dividends

Acquisition of Treasury Shares

NPHD did not undertake any acquisition of treasury shares in FY2022, except for acquisition under Article 155, Item 7 (acquisition of shares less than one unit) of the Companies Act.

Stock Split

April 2021

Shareholder Benefit Program

No shareholder benefit program is currently offered.

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