The Group believes that it is indispensable for the sustainable business activities of companies to contribute to reducing global environment impact through the effective use of resources, such as water, energy, and raw materials, and the prevention of environmental pollution. With this belief, it will advance various initiatives. It will also build a sustainable business by actively using innovative technologies.


The Nippon Paint Group operates in 30 countries and regions around the world. The Global Team with members from our key partner companies around the world and works directly under the Directors, Representative Executive Officers & Co-Presidents (the Co-Presidents) conducts activities to identify environmental issues and measures. We are implementing many environmental initiatives based on policies for overall environmental actions that have been established.

-Nippon Paint Group Global Environmental Policy-*

We care about our communities so we will strive to prevent all harm to our people, our environment, and our future.

* Refer to each environment site below for our individual policies related to energy, water, waste, and environmental pollution.

Climate change
Environmental pollution
Waste and resources
Management of chemical substances
Environmental and safety management
Environmental and sustainable products
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