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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

The Nippon Paint Group is committed to contributing to the welfare of society as a whole through its business activities, working together for the mutual prosperity and benefit of everyone.

Group Vision

  • We will deliver satisfaction and deep impression to our customers by providing excellent specialty chemicals products and services, centering coatings technology
  • We will grow globally based on respect for the cultures and values of entire world
  • We will pursue corporate culture that accumulates people with challenging spirits and enthusiasm

Code of Conduct

The employees at all affiliated companies of Nippon Paint follow a global code of conduct.

  • Customer-oriented
  • Credibility
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Collaboration

Mission Statement

Nippon Paint's original mission statement was written in 1920 by Gennosuke Obata, the president at the time who undertook to rebuild the company leading up to the Great Depression. As early as then, the text alludes to the concept of corporate social responsibility and our ultimate goal of working toward the mutual prosperity and benefit of everyone.

Mission Statement 1920
  • 1. Internally, foster togetherness as one big family; externally, strive for co-existence and co-prosperity.
  • 2. Respect the company's illustrious history; honor the company's prestigious tradition.
  • 3. Serve society through our business endeavors; serve the country through the stable growth of society.

The mission statement was reworded in 1964 while preserving the essence of the original. The spirit lives on in our DNA today.

Mission Statement 1964
  • 1. We commit to building friendly, collaborative relationship and contributing to the welfare of society as a whole through our business activities, toward the mutual prosperity and benefit of everyone.
  • 2. We perform our duties with integrity and in good faith, toward creating a bright future for the company.
  • 3. We honor the company's illustrious history and prestigious tradition while constantly striving for improvement, toward enhancing lifestyles through the growth of the company.

The statement of 1964 contained elements of both our current management philosophy and code of conduct. These elements were divided into the present form in 2002 for clarification.