Management Philosophy


The leading brand bringing colors & joy to everyday life through innovative coating


To be the industry leader driven by passionate people using our strong business
foundations to create value & inspire all stakeholders


Mutual prosperity

To achieve long-term growth and mutual prosperity with all of our stakeholders through
unmatched performance and constant improvement

A pioneering spirit

To sustain the pioneering spirit that led us to become a leader in the global paint industry
and constantly pursue innovation and excellence


To achieve our mission with unwavering perseverance, dynamism and initiative


  • We will endeavor to develop strong bonds of trust with our customers, work with them as partners, and inspire them with our products and services.
  • We will prioritize the health and safety of group employees while pursuing a dynamic corporate culture.
  • We will value individuality and diversity while pursuing ever closer teamwork.
  • We will commit to tackling environmental and energy issues and will work proactively to address them.
  • We will persistently engage in activities that contribute to society, fulfilling our responsibilities to local communities as a trusted corporate citizen.
  • We will act honestly and in good faith as a member of society and in accordance with all national and international laws, rules, and regulations.
  • We will recognize the importance of communicating with all stakeholders and will disclose corporate information in an impartial, timely, and appropriate manner in order to ensure corporate transparency and to fulfill our social responsibilities.
  • We will pursue the development of major technological innovations, while also improving our technology every day.
  • We will always focus on cost and efficiency, and seek to appropriately invest profits to create new value, help improve the quality of life of our employees, and provide maximize returns to shareholders.

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