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Responses to the Coronavirus Outbreak (First Report)

February 3, 2020
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Responses to the Coronavirus Outbreak (First Report) Assurance of our Employees’ Safety,

Support for our Local Subsidiaries and Communities in China

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Chairman, President and CEO: Masaaki Tanaka, “NPHD”) has announced the first report of its response concerning the coronavirus outbreak in China that is occurring mainly in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province.

On January 28, NPHD established the Coronavirus Emergency Headquarters to ensure the safety of employees mainly in Asia, establish a business continuity plan, and provide support to China. Furthermore, group companies NIPPON PAINT CHINA HOLDINGS CO., LTD (“NP China”) and Nipsea Management Company (“NMC”) in Singapore each established an Emergency Response Task Force on January 22 in order to collect local information, ensure the safety of employees, and prevent this outbreak from spreading.

NPHD has decided to provide full support to NP China and NMC.

1. Safety of employees

Ensuring the safety of employees as the highest priority of the NPHD Group, NP China has provided all of its employees with Emergency Response Guidelines, which have advice for preventing infections, including standing by at home and prohibiting business trips to and from China. In addition, NP China has initiated a daily country-wide health survey of over 9,000 employees in order to ensure their safety. At present, all of our employees in China including 367* employees working in Hubei are not affected by coronavirus. As of February 3, 23 out of 29 Japanese people working in China, including three who live in Wuhan City, have returned to Japan. Health and safety of the remaining 6 employees currently staying at Shanghai and Guangzhou are also monitored on daily basis.

* The number of employees who work at factories in NP China and Wuhan NBC Co., Ltd. in Hubei is 277.

2. Support for the Red Cross Society of China

NP China donated 2 million RMB (about 32 million JPY) on January 30 to support the activities of the Red Cross Society in XianNing, Hubei Province.

3. Support for local subsidiaries in China

On January 31, NPHD group shipped to local subsidiaries in China about 60,000 masks that were stored for use in the event of an emergency. We are preparing to ship more than 40,000 masks, etc. as additional support. NPHD will continue to provide support in response to conditions and requests.

In order to ensure the safety of employees and prevent the spread of infections, NP China extended the end of the Spring Festival break to February 9. While continuously monitoring the situation and focusing on safety and security as the highest priority, NPHD will decide when to re-start business operations after the Spring Festival break (February 10).

NPHD has had a very close relationship with China in its paint and coating business for decades. We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the people in China who are affected by this coronavirus outbreak as well as to express our sincere condolences concerning the individuals who lost their lives to this disease. We also pray for the earliest possible recovery of people who have been infected by this virus.

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