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Nominated for the 2021 GREEN4SEA Technology Award Deadline of online voting: March 15, 2021. Help us win via online vote!

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We are proud to announce that Nippon Paint Marine’s “AQUATERRASS,” a ship bottom antifouling paint, has been nominated for the GREEN4SEA Technology Award (green award) hosted by SAFETY4SEA, a European NPO.

AQUATERRASS (product details) is the world’s first biocide-free ship bottom antifouling paint developed using a technology unique to Nippon Paint Marine. It has the properties of reducing the friction resistance of a ship hull by preventing marine creatures from sticking and of cutting fuel consumption by around 10%. With no biocide addition, it has been recognized as an innovative paint that makes a great contribution to reducing the burden on the marine environment and contributes to safety and health and environmental protection.

Out of the nominated technologies, the technology that receives the most votes during online voting from the public wins the award.

The deadline of online voting is March 15, 2021. We kindly ask you to cast your vote.

Here's How:

STEP1. Access to the URL below.

STEP2. Press “Start” in the Technology Award category box.

STEP3. Scroll down to the Nippon Paint Marine.

STEP4. Click the logo of Nippon Paint Marine to cast a vote, and a yellow check mark will be displayed. And Press “Continue” to complete your vote.

STEP5. Your vote has been cast.

The winners will be announced at a special ceremony on 14th April 2021.

* SAFETY4SEA is a nonprofit organization that enhances, enlightens, and promotes environmental awareness in terms of maritime affairs. To raise public awareness on the environment, it introduces environmentally-friendly and practical maritime methods and technologies and works to increase the public understanding of and disseminate them.
The GREEN4SEA Award is a green award hosted by the said company.

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