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Nippon Paint Group Releases PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY ~Providing three-in-one anti-viral protection (quick inactivation of viruses, long life and durability), with just a quick spray on targeted surfaces~

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July 12, 2021
Name of company: Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative: Yuichiro Wakatsuki
Representative Executive Officer & Co-President
Wee Siew Kim
Representative Executive Officer & Co-President
Contact: Yukiko Yamamoto
General Manager of Public Relations

Nippon Paint Group Releases PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY
Providing three-in-one anti-viral protection (quick inactivation of viruses, long life and durability), with just a quick spray on targeted surfaces

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announces that Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings Co., Ltd., a Nippon Paint Group company engaged mainly in manufacturing and sales of industrial coatings, is releasing PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY anti-viral and anti-bacterial spray on July 12.

PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY was developed by utilizing the visible light responsive photocatalyst technology of the Nippon Paint Group acquired through the development of paint and the unique immobilization technology of Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings. This product can be used to create a safe space at public places such as medical institutions, offices, living spaces, public transportation, and schools, where many people are in close contact.

This product has a high alcohol content to quickly suppress viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Visible light responsive photocatalysts in this product react even to weak indoor light such as fluorescent lights. These photocatalysts, combined with the effects of metallic ions also included in the product, produce a hybrid effect of anti-viral and anti-bacterial performance even under low light. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection is expected to last more than a month. In addition, the use of Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings’ unique immobilization technology is expected to enable the anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating film to withstand physical contact such as wet wiping.


Since the launch of the PROTECTON brand for paint and coating products with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in September 2020, the Nippon Paint Group has already released four anti-viral products for professional, DIY and home use. PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY is the fifth PROTECTON brand product.

Product summary


  • Manufacturer: Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings Co., Ltd.

  • Release: July 12, 2021

  • Functions: anti-viral/anti-bacterial protection

  • Volume: 350ml/bottle (spray bottle)

  • Suggested retail price: 3,500 yen/bottle

  • Available locations: paint retailers, pharmaceutical, trading companies and other locations

※This product has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties certified by the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ).
<Test results according to JIS R 1756 and JIS R 1752>

【PIAJ visible light anti-viral effectiveness certification test】
【PIAJ visible light anti-bacterial effectiveness certification test】
・Test report number: PI2011R-1
・Test report number: PI2010R-1
・Evaluated by: TOTO Ltd. Research Institute
・Tested by: TOTO Ltd. Research Institute

・JIS R 1756: 2020 Film contact method 

・JIS R 1752: 2020 Film contact method

・Viral species: Bacteriophage Qβ   

・Bacterial species: Staph. aureus/ E.coli

・Irradiation conditions: FL_500L x 4 hrs. 

・Irradiation conditions: FL_500L x 8 hrs.

・Sharp cut filter used: Type B (N169)  

・Sharp cut filter used: Type B (N169)
<Effectiveness>99.6% reduction of bacteriophage Qβ
<Effectiveness>99.9% reduction of Staph. aureus / 99.99% reduction of E.coli

※Chemical components of this product are certified by The Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) for anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection.(Spray products for general consumers are outside the scope of certification according to SIAA’s regulations. )
<Test results according to ISO 21702 and JIS Z 2801>
【SIAA anti-viral effectiveness certification test】
【SIAA anti-bacterial effectiveness certification test】

・Test report number: 20077016001-0201/-0101 

・Test report number: JNLA2020K1475

・Tested by: Japan Food Research Laboratories 

・Tested by: BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute

・ISO 21702: 2019 Film contact method      

・JIS R 2801 Film contact method

・Virus species: Influenza virus / Feline calicivirus

・Bacterial species: Staph. aureus / E. coli

・Test conditions: 25℃x 24 hrs. 

・Test conditions: 25℃x 24 hrs.

<Effectiveness>99.8% reduction of influenza virus, 99.98% reduction of feline calicivirus 

<Effectiveness>99.98% reduction of Staph. aureus, 99.99% reduction of E. coli

※This product is not a pharmaceutical product or quasi-pharmaceutical product and has not been proven effective in preventing infections.
※The test results do not guarantee protection against all or any specific viruses.
※Effectiveness and duration of protection differ depending on actual conditions of use.
※The data and figures provided in this document are not guaranteed values and may be altered and updated without prior notice due to improvements in products.

Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office: 4-1-15, Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • Representative: Takeshi Shiotani, President and Representative Director

  • Business:

    ①Manufacturing and sales of industrial coatings
    ②Sales of equipment/apparatus for paint and coatings, paint application, color matching, paint film inspection, and metal surface treatment
    ③Sales of adhesives
    ④Contracting and design supervision for machinery and apparatus installation work and ancillary work
    ⑤Contracting and design supervision for painting work and ancillary work
    ⑥Sales of blood testing materials
  • Corporate website:


PROTECTON is a brand for paint and other products incorporating new technologies and value to add functions made possible by utilizing the cutting-edge paint and coatings technology of the Nippon Paint Group.

PROTECTION – The constant evolution of paint technology for advanced anti-viral and anti-bacterial functions for public health and safety.


The Nippon Paint Group will expand the lineup of PROTECTON brand products with anti-viral and anti-bacterial functions, including products other than paint, for a broad range of applications.

The Nippon Paint Group turns 140 years old
Founded in 1881, as a comprehensive paint manufacturer which boasts the longest history of any paint manufacturer in Japan, we are celebrating our 140th anniversary.
In accordance with the corporate philosophy that has been carried down since the company’s founding, we confront social issues, including developing an anti-virus paint, and are carrying out research and development of paint and coating technologies.

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