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Music Video for Nippon Paint Group Theme Song Written by Masayoshi Yamazaki Completed! Nippe Home Products Paints used to Express the world of “Niji No Tsuzuki”

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October 1, 2021
Name of company: Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative: Yuichiro Wakatsuki
Representative Executive Officer & Co-President
Wee Siew Kim
Representative Executive Officer & Co-President
Contact: Yukiko Yamamoto
General Manager of Public Relations

Music Video for Nippon Paint Group Theme Song Written by Masayoshi Yamazaki Completed!
Nippe Home Products Paints used to Express the world of “Niji No Tsuzuki”


Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) hereby announces the completion of a music video for the Nippon Paint Group’s theme song, “Niji No Tsuzuki.” Masayoshi Yamazaki, the song’s creator, used DIY paint products from Nippe Home Products, a group company, to express the world of this song. The music video is set for release on October 1, 2021, on Masayoshi Yamazaki’s YouTube channel.

*”Niji” itself means a rainbow and “Niji No Tsuzuki” expresses the feeling of waiting and looking forward to it.

Scenes from the music video for “Niji No Tsuzuki”

To commemorate our 140th anniversary, the Nippon Paint Group’s theme song “Niji No Tsuzuki” was written by Masayoshi Yamazaki to serve as a tool to deepen communications among employees as well as with customers.
The theme of the music video, which was taken from the song’s title, is “Sing with a rainbow (niji)”. The video includes scenes of Masayoshi Yamazaki painting furniture and other items by using colorful paints like a rainbow.
Two types of paints are used in the music video: STYLE DIY paint and Water Based Fresh Wide. In the completed music video, Masayoshi Yamazaki is shown absorbed in and enjoying painting. These scenes exude a sense of power that will make viewers want to take on a challenge of their own.

[Comment from Masayoshi Yamazaki]
“I often use wood in my DIY projects so I have used coatings, such as oil, however, this is the first time I used paint. There was an abundant selection of colors and it took a lot of thinking to choose colors of a rainbow gradation. The paints (STYLE DIY paint) came with a color palette so it was convenient to use. As it was my first time painting, I forgot how old I was and just enjoyed playing around.” 

Scenes from the music video for “Niji No Tsuzuki”

The “Niji No Tsuzuki” music video can be watched on the following media from October 1.

[Available for viewing on the following media]
Masayoshi Yamazaki’s YouTube channel, craftpapa(

Summary of products used in the music video shoot
▪Name: STYLE DIY paint
▪Use: Paint work, steel, concrete, vinyl wallpaper, etc.
▪Colors: Total of 68 colors
▪Name: Water Based Fresh Wide
▪Use: Paint for walls and ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, washrooms and rooms, and wood products, etc.
▪Colors: Total of 45 colors
*Check with Nippe Home online ( for product details and purchases.

The Nippon Paint Group turns 140 years old

Founded in 1881, as a comprehensive paint manufacturer which boasts the longest history of any paint manufacturer in Japan, we are celebrating our 140th anniversary.
In accordance with the corporate philosophy that has been carried down since the company’s founding, we confront social issues, including developing an anti-virus paint, and are carrying out research and development of paint and coating technologies.

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