Eco-Friendly Products

The Group is committed to mitigation of environmental impact caused by products and services. We will continue to use partnerships with various parties for creating innovations and deploy such innovations worldwide to help solve environmental and other social issues.



Automotive coatings

Automotive coatings

Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd., a global automotive coatings company, is working to develop environmentally friendly paints. For example, the development of paints compatible with Wet-on-Wet coating system which reduces the number of bake cycles contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from painting plants compared to the conventional ones. Moreover, designing water-borne paints contributes to reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). We will continue to work with automakers for the further development of environmentally friendly products.

Road coated with ATTSU-9 ROAD

Industrial coatings

ATTSU-9 ROAD, NPIU’s heat shielding coating for road surfaces, reduces the temperature of asphalt highways by reflecting sunlight. Furthermore, this solvent-free paint product has no VOC emissions and almost no odor. Using this product is expected to help conserve energy by holding down temperatures in urban areas.

Vessel coated with LF-Sea

Marine coatings

NPMC’s energy-conserving LF-Sea marine coating was first sold in 2008. Since then, this coating and its successor, A-LF-Sea, have been used on more than 3,000 vessels. NPMC is working on the development of FASTAR, a new marine coating to go on sale in 2020. This coating will reduce fuel consumption and VOC emissions and has low elution. NPMC will continuously introduce products that contribute to protecting the environment.

Surface treatments

NPSU is rolling out a film-forming agent with a low environmental impact. This agent has the same properties as those of the widely used zinc phosphate treatment but does not contain any heavy metals (zinc, nickel, manganese), ions, or phosphorous. This agent can reduce sludge to one-tenth, and does not require a surface adjustment process, enabling a reduction of industrial waste and water use.

Ethylene glycol-free products from Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards products

Throughout its history, Dunn-Edwards has been a leader in the development of products that protect the environment. Specific examples are introduced in the company’s history and the origin of its motto, ‘Greener by Design.’ In 2011, Dunn-Edwards constructed a factory that received LEED® Gold Certification. In 2016, the company started selling ARISTOSHIELD®, a water-based paint with properties of oil-based paints. Nippon Paint and Dunn-Edwards have been collaborating in many projects.

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