Paint Technology Brand with Antivirus and Antibacterial Functionality “PROTECTON”

Creating a future by turning the “preparation ON” under the New Normal of living with viruses

#Innovation #antiviral


Note: This document has been translated from a part of the Japanese original for reference purposes only.

On December 14, Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Chairman, President & CEO: Masaaki Tanaka; hereinafter, “NPHD”) opened a brand site for “PROTECTON,” which is a paint technology brand with antiviral and antibacterial functionality.

To protect people’s health and create a safe and pleasant future under the New Normal of living with viruses, the “PROTECTON” brand site provides content for communicating the importance of making provisions with paint technology with antiviral and antibacterial functionality and the underlying technological capabilities and great growth potential of the NPHD Group.

[Brand site URL]
*This website is available in Japanese only.

[Profile of the PROTECTON brand]

PROTECTON is a paint technology brand offering new technology and value to add functions, which could not be realized previously, by harnessing proprietary cutting-edge technology derived from the Group’s paint and coating technology.

In the future, PROTECTON will produce not only paint products but also various other types of products as a product brand with antiviral and antibacterial functionality. Through PROTECTON, the NPHD Group will contribute to protecting people’s health and creating a safe and pleasant future.

※The company name, product name and logo in this press release are trademarks of Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. and its group companies.

[Products currently on sale in Japan]

PROTECTON Interior Paint Premium (for home use)

PROTECTON Interior Wall VK-200 (for business use)

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