Engagement(Activities to Protect the Arts and Culture)




Support of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra

Nippon Paint Holdings has been an official sponsor of the Osaka-based Japan Century Symphony Orchestra since 2016. With a vision of showcasing the power of local communities through standout performances, the orchestra performs concerts in a variety of genres, earning high praise from experts in particular for its ambitious Haydn Marathon, a performance and recording of all of Haydn’s symphonies. The orchestra is developing an increasingly brilliant palette of activities, including the appointment of composer/conductor Joe Hisaishi as Principal Guest Conductor from April 2021.

Employees of Nippon Paint Holdings are invited to the orchestra’s annual concert series as part of our benefits program. The competition in the lottery for complimentary tickets is always stiff. We will continue to support the orchestra with the hope that its “Century Sound” will add a dab of color to the local community.

Norichika Iimori, Principal Conductor and members of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (c)Masaharu Eguchi -
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