Development of activities to support the vulnerable and underserved, provide vocational training, and discover skilled individuals, leading to the growth of our company and advancements in the paint industry.





Vocational training is being offered to aspiring painters in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to empower women in rural areas. Launched in 2018, the program, which has logged about 20,000 hours to date, has trained 450 women in their teens to their 30s, connecting them with paint retailers, contractors and architects and helping them find employment. This initiative will not only help women in developing their careers, it will also provide them with livelihoods outside of agriculture, bring vitality to communities and develop a new market of potential customers for our Group.

Some of the women who have completed the program have launched their own paint service companies, found stable employment in the construction industry, and are active in a number of other industries. A graduate of the program, who would like to run a paint store in the future, remarked on the life-changing experience and how it allowed her build up a network of business connections.

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