Paint related business

The Nippon Paint Group operates the paint related business that supplies Sealants, Adhesives and Fillers (SAF) and Construction Chemicals (CC), which are essential for construction, as well as decorative films that replace coatings.

Sealants, Adhesives and Fillers (SAF)

SAF products are essential for building interior and exterior construction. The Nippon Paint Group develops and produces a broad range of products including caulking agents to fill gaps between building materials, adhesives to fix flooring and building materials, and fillers used for base coatings. Our products help prevent water penetration in buildings and houses and reduce damage from swaying caused by earthquakes.


Construction Chemicals (CC)

Concrete is used in buildings, roads, elevated railroad structures, and other structures. CC products, such as abrasion-resistant repair materials, admixtures, and surface repair materials, are used to repair concrete and improve its performance in order to enhance durability and appearance of structures.


External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)

Insulation materials minimize the transfer of heat between the exterior and interior of a building, playing an important part in energy conservation through room temperature control and lower energy consumption.
ETICS has several components, such as thermal insulation boards, a base coat, reinforcement, and the topcoat (exterior coat). This product is designed to enhance thermal insulation and durability of buildings, thereby improving the efficiency of air conditioning and helping reduce utility expenses.


Decorative films

Decorative films for automobile interiors can protect electronic devices and displays, such as Center Information Displays, and provide anti-glare screen protection. In addition, these films have design and color flexibility, which was not possible with coatings. Decorative films are also suitable for a wide range of applications, such as decorative films for solar cells.

Global Expansion


Established a strong presence in Asia and Oceania

We supply our customers with a wide range of SAF, CC, and ETICS products, which are essential for construction projects around the world.

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