Paints for architectural structures

Our trade-use paints are widely used at construction sites, including single-family detached homes, buildings, and bridges. As environmental protection and infrastructure maintenance emerge as social problems, we endeavor to improve convenience for customers by developing high-value-added products and increasing the efficiency of logistics and color toning services.

Architectural interior

The paints for interior use are widely used, from single-family detached homes to large facilities, including condominiums, office buildings, medical institutions, and schools.

Our paints for interior use are highly evaluated in various regions around the world. We help make people’s lives more pleasant with our cutting-edge coating technologies and the potential of colors. We are committed to creating and spreading environmentally friendly products, mainly water-based paints. Our extensive product lineup includes products that add high functionality, including anti-viral and deodorization effects, in addition to maintaining the appearance of the interior space.


Highly functional paints that create a comfortable and reliable interior space

We help offer a safe, reliable, comfortable living environment through highly functional paints that demonstrate various functions, including anti-viral and deodorization effects, mold-proof and algae-proof functions, and functions to adsorb formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, which are contaminants of interior space.


Paints with high design quality for freely coloring interior space

Our paints with high design quality help create the only attractive space in the world. We help achieve a special space focused on design quality. For example, we offer paint whose random multicolor patterns, which contain glittering elements, enhance the reflection of light.


An extensive product lineup to meet customers’ needs Advantages of paints

We propose a colorful lifestyle with sophisticated design through an extensive product lineup. We meet various needs, including highly functional paints, such as anti-viral and deodorizing products, and paints focused on design quality, to add colors to a space. We offer a product lineup that can be used for various purposes, including single-family detached homes, condominiums, and large facilities, such as office buildings, medical institutions, and schools.

Global Expansion


Japanese interior paints

The EMO series represents interior paints focused on design quality to produce a Japanese traditional atmosphere. Other products reproduce a warm impression as well as deodorization and anti-bacterial functions of Japanese traditional paint materials. These products help create a comfortable interior space in a Japanese style.

Architectural exterior

Paints for exterior walls and roofs which are widely used for buildings, including houses, factories, warehouses, office buildings, and commercial facilities

We help make people’s lives more pleasant with our cutting-edge coating technologies and the potential of colors. The paints protect buildings from wind and rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays. They also maintain the landscape and appearance and add high functionality to maintain comfort in daily lives. We offer architectural exterior paints suitable for various buildings, including houses.


Maintaining the appearance that determines the impression of buildings

Exterior wall paints determine the image of buildings. The extensive color variations can produce different tones and designs as well as elegant luster suitable for the image of buildings. This makes it possible to freely create colors that match the landscape and buildings in respective communities.


Protecting buildings and preventing deterioration due to age

The products reduce deterioration due to rain and ultraviolet rays by using highly weather-resistant paint technologies, including inorganic resins and fluororesins. Exterior walls and roofs are kept clean over the long term. We can make proposals to meet any needs, including cost performance and service life, by offering paints suitable for various types of exterior walls and roofs.


Highly functional paints that are environmentally friendly

The lineup consists of many functional paints with high added value to improve the living environment, including paints with thermal insulation functions to reduce the temperature rise of buildings and with mold-proof and algae-proof functions. We also offer environmentally friendly products, mainly water-based paints.

Global Expansion


Architectural exterior paints for the Japanese market

We propose optimal paints from our extensive product lineup to match various buildings, including houses, and construction materials. We also develop exterior wall paints focused on high durability, high functionality, high design quality, easy paintability, and high finish quality.

Large steel structures

Paints that are widely used for large steel structures and concrete structures, including bridges, steel towers, and plants

The anticorrosion paints are used to protect steel and concrete structures and maintain appearance. As protection of the global environment and maintenance of old infrastructure have emerged as social issues, we endeavor to develop water-based anticorrosion paints and products that contribute to reducing the workload of construction and maintenance.


Enhancing durability of social infrastructure, such as bridges and expressways

Our paints protect the materials of social infrastructure, including bridges and roads, from damage caused by natural phenomena, such as rust and weathering. Strong coating films are formed by applying these paints on the surface of large steel structures. The paints are used to protect large steel structures and other social infrastructure.


Quick to achieve water-based paints to ensure environmental protection

We were quick to achieve water-based anticorrosion paints for steel structures to reduce the environmental impact and ensure environmental protection. We deploy water-based products in the field of anticorrosion paints by taking full advantage of our strength as a general paint manufacturer, such as application of the coating technology refined in the automotive industry.


Preventing flaking of concrete by using paints Contributing to maintenance of social infrastructure by reducing the workload

Concrete flaking prevention system introduced in Japan
The Tough Guard Q-R System prevents flaking of concrete fragments, which is caused by deterioration, only by applying paint. This system has been used in many construction work projects to maintain infrastructure because it reduces the workload compared to the conventional systems. Meanwhile, the Tough Guard Clear System can enhance the concrete protection performance and enables visual checking and detection of degradation, such as cracks, after coating. It contributes to reducing the workload of infrastructure maintenance and checking, which require advanced technologies.

Global Expansion


Large steel structures in Japan

We offer a wide range of paints for large structures and heavy-duty anticorrosion applications, including bridges, expressways, plants, piping, and tank equipment, both for internal and external surfaces. We meet customers’ needs by developing water-based paints and reducing the processes required.

Research and Development

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