Surface treatments

Surface treatment adds new functions by forming ultra-thin films on the surface of materials. We increase the value of the surface of materials by offering functional coatings, which demonstrate various functions on the outermost surface, such as hydrophilicity and rust prevention, and substrate films, which maintain adhesion between a coating film and a material.

Functional coatings

Adding various functions on the surface of materials by forming ultra-thin films of 1/1,000 mm (1μm)

The ultra-thin film coating technology to add various functions, including hydrophilicity, rust prevention, lubrication, contamination resistance, and odor resistance, dramatically increases the value of customers’ products. With these technologies, we contribute to society from the viewpoint of ESG, including energy conservation.

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Hydrophilization treatment technology × Customers’ materials Achieving energy conservation and creating a comfortable space

Dew condensation occurs in the heat exchanger of air conditioners in the process of temperature control. This inhibits the air flow, causes water spitting, and decreases the energy efficiency. Water droplets also cause odor. The hydrophilization treatment prevents formation of water droplets and contributes to improving the energy efficiency and creating a comfortable interior space.


Achieving innovations by combing our surface treatment know-how with new ideas of our partners

We create new value through open innovation with global academia and companies outside the group and offer proprietary technologies by combining our unique film design with interface control technology.


Various needs × Development of products of the next generation Expansion of functions and materials

We continue to develop products for various materials, such as nonmetallic materials. Our products include anti-fouling coatings derived from the application of the hydrophilization technology and environmentally friendly and highly rustproof inorganic coatings that replace coating films containing organic solvents.

Global Expansion


Offering functional coatings in the global market

We offer outstanding products derived from research and development in Japan to customers around the world through a global network. We have a system in place for close coordination with global partner companies in terms of technology and manufacturing. We will build a supply and technology support system in various parts of the world to meet the needs of customers for newly developed technologies and products as well.


Surface treatment that is highly compatible with paints
and that only a paint manufacturer can offer

Oil and rust are removed from the surface of materials as a pre-coating process before films that improve the coating film adhesion, rust prevention, and durability are formed. These films play a key role in ensuring adhesion of a coating film on a material.

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Surface treatment × Paints: Offering comprehensive support for the coating process with the group’s overall strength

We are a general paint manufacturer group that can offer total solutions, from processing and surface treatment to coating. We offer optimal systems to customers in various fields by using our broad-based knowledge, from processing to the coating process, and an outstanding product lineup.


Playing a key role in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, general industrial applications, and beverage cans

In the automotive and industrial fields, we develop environmentally friendly surface treatment agents free from phosphorus and heavy metals. The products are used by various customers. In the application to aluminum beverage cans, for which safety must be ensured, we offer an array of products that guarantee advanced safety and anticorrosion performance. Our products have the top market share in Japan.


Customization and support for customers’ usage environment

We have well-established technical support methodologies based on our track record to maximize the value of materials. When customers study the possibility of using our products, we propose customization of our products for their production lines. After customers purchase our products, we offer support for using our products. We propose solutions better suited to customers’ daily production operations.

Global Expansion


Surface treatment suitable for global operations

To meet the needs of customers who operate their business globally, we offer as superb products and sophisticated technical services as we do in Japan in a timely manner through the network of our group, which operates around the world. We can ensure advanced substrate film quality while properly meeting environmental regulations in respective regions of the world and customers’ usage conditions.

Research and Development

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