Master Color Creators: Achieving Excellence in Design and Quality Through Expert Craftsmanship

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Master Color Creators: Achieving Excellence in Design and Quality Through Expert Craftsmanship

Superior quality is a fundamental necessity for automotive coatings

Automobile owners often develop a strong attachment to their vehicles, using them for many years—typically 10 to 20—after purchase. Since these vehicles are rarely repainted during this time, automotive coatings must be of excellent quality and durability. We develop our automotive coating products to withstand all possible environments, from the strong sunlight of tropical areas in the south to the snowy, cold conditions in the north. We supply only those products that have passed tests under these challenging conditions. For instance, our products retain their vibrant colors and resist rusting even after years of exposure to sunlight, rain, and wind. Additionally, our durable paint films are designed not to crack easily, even when the car's body is hit by small stones while traveling. While providing aesthetic appeal and protection for automobiles against a variety of external elements, our automotive coatings boast a film thickness of just 0.1mm. This ultra-thin coating, thinner than a single strand of hair, embodies a wealth of technical expertise.


Structure of automotive coatings

Exploring Potential New Shades

The color of a vehicle captures the customer's vision and ideas for the model. Initiating the development of new colors involves broadening the palette of color impressions, creating shades that evoke feelings of “delicate and soft” or “inspiring strength,” guided by conceptual images provided by customers. Next, we convert these abstract concepts into tangible colors. Taking “white” as an example, there are countless variations—shades leaning towards yellow or blue, or whites distinguished by their unique textures. Color creators develop new shades through extensive collaboration with customers, aligning visions across numerous meetings. Annually, our color material technology team selects the colors of the year and presents color concepts and variations to our customers. Occasionally, we also create new colors inspired by a shade particularly favored by a customer.

Expert Insights: Mastering the Balance Between Color and Quality

Color creators focus on creating visually appealing shades while also prioritizing the coating's performance to meet customer specifications. Their task involves developing paint formulations that not only please the eye but also adhere to the advanced requirements of customers. Developing visually attractive colors might seem straightforward, but developing shades that are both appealing and functionally robust is a complex challenge. This is the essence of color creation. Furthermore, as customer demands grow increasingly complex, we make daily efforts to meet their needs. During the creation of new colors, we sometimes encounter challenges in matching the desired shades with the required performance. In these instances, open communication with the customer becomes crucial. Color creators foster a trusting relationship with customers by engaging with them, seeking out solutions, and collaboratively formulating new colors.


The Delight of Crafting Colors


I experience immense joy when the colors I create perfectly match with customers' requests. Encountering these colors while walking down the street reminds me of their formulation process and background, filling me with tremendous delight and pride. On the other hand, whenever colors created by other companies catch my attention, I invariably find myself curious about their creation process. Traditionally, color creation was viewed as a male-dominated field. However, recent years have seen an increase in women entering this profession. The unique insights and ideas from a woman's perspective are highly valued in color creation, making it a field where women thrive.


What captivates me about color creation is how it deepens my understanding of pigment characteristics with each new color I develop. My superiors and supervisor often tell me that encountering automobiles painted in colors you helped create is incredibly fulfilling, though I have yet to experience this myself. The appeal of this job for me lies in the ability to see the results of my work firsthand. As I'm not yet skilled enough to create colors independently, I'll continue to hone my skills daily, guided by advice from my superiors. This will help me improve my color creation skills and deepen my understanding of various pigments. My aim is to become a fully qualified color creator.


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