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Communication Magazine “KOZUCHI” has been published.

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"KOZUCHI,” an in-house newsletter, has been popular for 60 years since its first issue in 1960. This year, it is renewed as a communication magazine in the aim of more active communication with all stake holders.

In the new "KOZUCHI," businesses and employee activities across the Group are vividly introduced as well as other enjoyable articles.

 We hope you find a new wonder of our group through “KOZUCHI,” on top of our Integrated Report.

Communication Magazine 「KOZUCHI」PDF


  1. A global communication magazine introducing overseas partner companies as well
  2. Comprehensive introduction of the attractiveness of each business area centered on ESG management
  3. Introducing the world of PAINT.WONDER from various perspectives

[Date of issue]  December 28, 2020

 *The affiliations and posts of people mentioned in this issue are as of October 2020

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