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Antiviral and Antibacterial Coating

With the simple push of a spray agent, this nano-coating technology provides long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial functionality through a photocatalytic effect, protecting people’s health and providing peace of mind against the growing threat posed by viruses in recent years.

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Antiviral and Antibacterial Coating
What is antiviral and antibacterial coating?

What is antiviral and antibacterial coating?

We have developed a spray agent that can be used to easily treat common items with antiviral and antibacterial functionality by combining nano-coating technologies carefully developed and refined by the Nippon Paint Group over many years with visible light responsive photocatalyst. The spray agent instantly suppresses viruses and bacteria on surfaces with alcohol, forming an antiviral and antibacterial coating film that is at once both sustainable and durable.

What are the key features of this technology?

What are the key features of this technology?

【Immediate effect】 Containing a high concentration of alcohol, the agent can reduce the incidence of viruses and bacterial by 99.99% or more in just 10 seconds.
【Sustainability】 Once dry, visible light responsive photocatalyst and metal ions are effective in reducing viruses and bacteria by at least 99.9%, with effects lasting for one or more months.
【Durability】 With the application of our original stabilization agent (with hydroxy groups) carefully developed and refined with our paint technology, a nano-coating film containing a photocatalyst and metal ion components securely and firmly adheres to base materials, maintaining a superior performance in reducing viruses and bacteria under actual conditions.
【Safe】 The safety of PROTECTON BARRIERX™ SPRAY on the human body has been confirmed in acute oral toxicity, primary skin irritation, skin sensitivity, and mutagenic property tests. It has been certified by the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ) and passed all testing required for certification by the Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA).

Annotations in image
*1:【Antiviral testing】 Testing methods: ASTM E 1052 / Virus species: Influenza A virus / Reaction time: 10 seconds / Temperature: Room temperature
*2: 【Antiviral test under visible light】 JIS R 1756 / Virus species: Bacteriophage Qβ / Irradiating conditions: FL_500L x 4 hours, Sharp-cut filter: TypeB (N169)

"※The test results do not guarantee protection against all or any specific viruses and does not prevent or treat diseases.
※Effectiveness and duration of protection differ depending on actual conditions of use."

Contribution to solving social issues

Contribution to solving social issues

With the use of the coating technologies carefully developed and refined by the Nippon Paint Group over many years, we have innovated a product that maintains a high level of antiviral and antibacterial functionality, not only immediately after spraying, but even over time, as people come into contact with objects and surfaces, and even after these objects and surfaces are wiped with water. Helping to create safe spaces in medical facilities, offices, public transportation, and educational facilities or wherever people gather.

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