NIPSEA Group's Innovative Bio-Based Material


Achieving both aesthetics and low carbon emissions requires the strategic use of "bio-based" materials. While oil has been the medium for paints for over two millennia (with tung oil used in China), it has some drawbacks, including the inadequate supply of natural lacquer and the environmental impact of uses of petroleum-based curing agents in modern automotive paints.

Recognizing these issues, NIPSEA Group has focused on the bio-based technology, developing a high solid content waterborne polyurethane resin.This innovative resin boasts excellent flexibility, superior film formation, and astounding hydrolysis resistance.

Widely used in NIPSEA Group's automotive OEM coatings, it achieves excellent adhesion, stone chipping resistance, and water resistance. This makes it ideal for high-performance, high-demand automotive coating systems with thin film coatings.

Beyond automotive applications, the bio-based polyurethane resin can be applied to wood furniture and interior coatings which meets the growing demands for healthier and safer living spaces.

NIPSEA Group's bio-based polyurethane resin and coating are paving the way for a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future by minimizing solvent emissions, saving coating costs, lowering baking energy consumption, and reducing reliance on petrochemical raw materials.

These remarkable features were recognized with the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2023, recognizing NIPSEA Group as a leading innovator in China's coatings industry.

Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2023
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