Society today is increasingly facing issues that cannot be solved using past methods. We are enhancing our ability to generate innovation by improving our proprietary paint and coating technologies and actively engaging in collaborative partnerships.

Creation of Sustainable Products

Creation of sustainable products will drive long-term business success

Sustainability of our products

We believe that sustainable features are essential elements of our products to benefit society and achieve the long-term success of our businesses.
We define sustainable products and technologies based on the principle of product life cycle and according to the framework of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a systematic approach, covering the following three main stages of a product’s life cycle.
1. Production
2. Use
3. Service
Furthermore, in each stage, the advantages over the mainstream products in the market are assessed by translating the SDGs into the attributes of paint and coatings products. In the production stage, manufacturing efficiency, raw materials, logistic and packaging are the key aspects for assessments. In the product use stage, the advantages are helping customers and consumers when using products by reducing energy and material consumption, chemical emissions, and chemical hazards. In the service stage, products are assessed in terms of product service life, use in clean technologies, contribution to health and well-being, as well as end-of-life treatment. Under those sustainability principles, the Sustainability Scoreboard for new product assessment has been developed and is implemented in the NPSI systems of partner companies, Japan and NIPSEA China. In 2022, of the new product sales of Japan Group and NIPSEA China together, 52% were from newly developed sustainable products.
The Green Design Review has been developed and is used in the R&D project management systems of Japan Group and NIPSEA Group. In the project portfolios of Japan Group and NIPSEA Group, 47% of R&D projects are in the focus areas of creating sustainable benefits according to the Green Design Review principles.

Sustainable product data

New Product Sales Index (NPSI)
Sustainability product sales ratio of the new product sales
Sustainability product development project ratio in R&D expenses

Results of sustainability products

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