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Message from Board Chair

Photo:Lead Independent Director and Board Chair Masayoshi Nakamura
Masayoshi Nakamura Lead Independent Director
and Board Chair

Strategies for achieving further growth are one of the highest priorities of the Board of Directors

Since January 2021, we have taken many actions, starting with the full integration of the Asian JVs and acquisition of the Indonesia business, which have been goals for many years, and completion of the transition to the Co-President setup. These actions made it possible to advance the management of Nippon Paint Group to our Asset Assembler model.

The Co-Presidents have successively launched new initiatives to strengthen collaboration among the management teams of partner companies based on mutual trust while respecting the autonomy of each partner company. Nippon Paint Group has generated additional revenue by sharing brands and technologies. In addition, we launched an autonomous sustainability structure for ESG activities at all partner companies and are devoting the group’s management resources to the Japan segment to improve its profitability. This past year was an evolutionary year for the Board of Directors, making breakthrough reforms as Nippon Paint Group underwent several actions to advance to the next stage of growth.

To support these initiatives, the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Independent Directors, and the Nominating, Compensation, and Audit Committees, which all perform supervisory roles, were “always on,” even outside the meeting hours. In addition, Directors maintained close and extensive communications with the Co-Presidents and other Executive Officers as well as Global Key Persons (GKP), who are local management of partner companies. These actions have allowed us to build a new framework for the Board of Directors to supervise Nippon Paint Group’s growth model as Asset Assembler that is practiced by the Co-Presidents based on proper mutual understanding built on Trust.

The Co-Presidents have prepared the Group to move on to the next stage of growth. With the addition of the Co-Presidents and two new Independent Directors, Peter M. Kirby and Lim Hwee Hua as new members, the Board of Directors must now raise its perspective and provide guidance as needed to properly shape the future of Nippon Paint Group. To perform this role, we need to reform the Board of Directors so that it can shift its focus from dealing with immediate issues to concentrating on discussing and determining growth strategies to enable Nippon Paint Group to achieve more sustainable and further growth.

We are significantly revising the operations of the Board of Directors in order to accomplish our reformation. For example, the Directors hold brainstorming sessions to determine a long-term roadmap for achieving MSV and hold offsite meetings to thoroughly examine the feasibility of roadmaps submitted by the Co-Presidents.

As the Board Chair, I will ensure that all Directors make the greatest possible contributions in order to enable NPHD to pursue growth relentlessly based on the Asset Assembler model and to fulfill the Board of Director’s responsibility to protect the interests of minority shareholders.

August 31, 2022

Message from Nominating Committee Chairperson

Photo:Independent Director Nominating Committee Chairperson Hisashi Hara
Hisashi Hara Independent Director
Nominating Committee Chairperson

Creation of a structure that contributes to MSV in terms of both business execution and supervision

Since April 2021, the Board of Directors established a management structure suitable for pursuing growth through Asset Assembler model. This was accomplished by shifting to the Co-President setup, reducing the number of Executive Officers, and electing non-Japanese Independent Directors and Representative Executive Officer & Co-President as Directors. We are proud of the fact that the Nominating Committee has been able to contribute to the establishment of a structure that will contribute to MSV for further growth in terms of both business execution and supervision.

The committee’s activities are not based on initiatives in accordance with uniform frameworks established in advance, such as a management talent development plan and implementation measures. On the basis of respecting the management autonomy of partner companies based on mutual trust, we are focusing on the examination of human capital issues, such as the character of President and other senior executives and whether they are worthy of trust.

In the future, M&A will add new management talent, resulting in a deeper base of Global Key Persons (GKP) at the Group and the realization of the potential of our human capital more than we can imagine. Each partner company’s external human networks are also valuable assets for finding additional talent. Continuous growth by pursuing Asset Assembler model will greatly expand the possibilities for finding the best and right people from around the world, whether internally or externally. These people will become a talent pool for individuals capable of succeeding Executive Officers including President.

The Nominating Committee will continue to focus on flexibly taking actions, anticipating the next changes and identifying people with the potential to become the next senior executives.

August 31, 2022

Message from Compensation Committee Chairperson

Photo:Independent Director Compensation Committee Chairperson Takashi Tsutsui
Takashi Tsutsui Independent Director
Compensation Committee Chairperson

Pursuit of a compensation plan that will contribute to the achievement of MSV and the more growth in the future

To implement Asset Assembler model adopted by Nippon Paint Holdings, it is essential to create an environment where all management teams of Nippon Paint Group can maximize their performance based on mutual trust under the leadership of the Co-Presidents. To achieve this goal, the optimal solution is not management through a uniform compensation structure. Instead, we must thoroughly and more flexibly examine what types of compensation really contribute to MSV.

We believe that when the total compensation for the Co-Presidents reaches a certain level, their motivation is maximized by being trusted by the Board of Directors and given the heavy responsibility for the Group’s fate, rather than the level of compensation.

Based on this approach, we set the total compensation for Co-President Wee in FY2022 to the same as in the previous fiscal year. We decided that we did not need to increase motivation by increasing compensation. Regarding the ratio of cash to stock, we determined that replacing the existing cash compensation with stock compensation would not raise the incentive to achieve MSV. Consequently, we decided to make compensation entirely cash. We also repeatedly discussed the balance of compensation under the Co-President setup, and decided to pay only cash compensation to Co-President Wakatsuki as well.

The mission of the Compensation Committee is to maximize the motivation of the Co-Presidents for achieving MSV as the sole mission and to further share value with shareholders by rigorously evaluating the performance of the Co-Presidents. We will continue to seek a compensation plan that will support the achievement of MSV and contribute to significant growth of NPHD.

August 31, 2022

Message from Audit Committee Chairperson

Photo:Independent Director Audit Committee Chairperson Masataka Mitsuhashi
Masataka Mitsuhashi Independent Director
Audit Committee Chairperson

Contributing to MSV by strengthening the audit system in line with Asset Assembler model

Since its establishment in FY2020, the Audit Committee has been working to improve the Group’s audit system through “Audit on Audit,” where internal audits of partner companies are fully relied on. At the Group Audit Committee (GAC) meeting, which is held twice a year and attended by people in charge of internal audit of each PCG, we work to raise the overall auditing level through the sharing of best practices and other means, thereby strengthening the cooperative structure between the Audit Department and the internal audit units in each region.

We have also established a risk-based global audit system in which the Audit Department assesses the risks of the entire Group through risk assessment surveys to each partner company started in FY2022, while the internal audit units in each region audit and advise on individual risks. In addition, such as introduction of data analytics to each internal audit unit, we contribute to MSV through our audit activities for improving business operation.

Based on its evaluations in FY2021, the Audit Committee has identified issues in the following main areas: (1) the effectiveness of the audit system in the corporate group, (2) the monitoring and verification of the risk management system, (3) the monitoring and verification of financial reporting and information disclosure, (4) the effectiveness of IT governance, and (5) the effectiveness of responding to ESG and SDGs. The Committee is deliberating the implications of these five areas for MSV. In addition, through ongoing interviews with GKP and other senior management, we are furthering our understanding of the situational realities of the workplace, while remaining focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of audits appropriate to our Asset Assembler model.

August 31, 2022

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