Automotive coatings

We develop highly functional paints, which exhibit their functions when coated on car bodies, and premium colors of high design quality to offer added value to automobiles. We contribute to automakers’ efforts to deliver attractive cars by harnessing our group’s coating technologies.


To become a leading company in the automotive coating field

The automotive industry has a significant growth potential, mainly in emerging countries. Our group has been accelerating business deployment in the overseas markets that continue to expand. As technological innovation toward CASE is underway, we offer high-quality and highly functional products as a professional manufacturer. We aim to become the leading company in the automotive coating field by fully demonstrating our group synergies.


Capable of offering products for all the automotive coating processes across the group

We are one of the largest automotive paint manufacturers that can offer all paints for the automotive body, including those for surface treatment, electrodeposition coating, intermediate coating, and finish coating, and paints for plastic components, such as bumpers and interior components, as integrated solutions. We offer coating technologies that fully exhibit coating film performance because we understand the entire process of automotive coatings and have experience and know-how accumulated through many years of operation.


Offering premium colors to offer colorful options to car users

Automobiles are not just a means of mobility and transport. They add colors to the lifestyle of users. As a professional color creator, we deliver joy and satisfaction through colors. We logically design “premium colors” of high design quality and propose them to customers based on research and analysis of trends a few years ahead. These premium colors have created new added value of automobiles.


Contributing to a sustainable society with decorative films

New coating technologies are attracting attention as the speed of transition to carbon neutrality increases in response to growing demands for reducing CO2 emissions in vehicle manufacturing processes. Our decorative films are gaining excellent reputation among our customers through outstanding performance in terms of both stretchability and hardness, achieved by using the automotive coating technologies that we have accumulated over many years. We are continuing our research and development activities in order to expand the applications for our decorative film technologies beyond the automotive field.

Global Expansion


Deploying businesses in Japan, China, Asia, the Americas, and Europe

We deploy the automotive paint business in the main markets of Japan, China, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We build a system that can fully demonstrate our global group synergies to offer products that meet the needs of customers in respective regions. We aim to become a leading company in the automotive coating field by combining the group’s strengths.

Automotive refinish

Automotive refinish paints that fully demonstrate synergies with automotive coating technologies

We apply cutting-edge technologies, which have been refined through more than 50 years of operations in the field of coatings for new cars as a general paint manufacturer, to the repair field. We have developed paint products and coating technologies suitable for repair. We have always pursued repair products that ensure both high finishing quality, which satisfies professional painters, and on-site workability, and we have conducted research and development on coating technologies suitable for automotive repair.

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Vision behind three e’s for people and the environment

Our automotive repair paint brand “nax,” which is deployed mainly in Japan, offers a coating system that reduces the environmental impact and increases efficiency of the repair work based on the concept of EASY × EXCITING × ECOLOGY = e3 (e-cube). EASY: aiming to improve workability and the color toning quality and reduce the coating time EXCITING: aiming to attain high hiding power and finish quality by introducing the latest technologies ECOLOGY: aiming to improve the environment by cutting the VOC emissions


A next generation water borne coating system for body repair coating

As there are growing needs to protect workers’ health and the environment, we are committed to developing water borne paints for all the automotive repair processes. We also contribute to solving issues in the automotive repair industry by developing a computer-based color toning system that enables anyone to perform color toning easily and give accumulate data.


Automotive repair Comprehensive support system

Our comprehensive and timely customer support system offers an environment where customers can use our paints more reliably. We contribute to improving customer’s skills through training support.

Global Expansion


nax as a globally deployed brand

nax is our globally deployed brand. At present, the brand is deployed in 30 regions to support the automotive repair operations. We will continue to promote the brand so that it remains well accepted by users around the world.

Research and Development

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