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140th Anniversary Vol. 3: Playing a Part in the Rapid Growth of the Japanese Economy by Developing Technologies That Meet Market Needs (Restoration and Development Period (1945-1964))

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Devoted ourselves to the reconstruction of the Osaka Plant and regained its production capacity

 After the end of the Pacific War on August 15, 1945, we started to step toward restoration with help from growing post-war demand for paint. We devoted ourselves to the reconstruction of the Osaka Plant, which had been totally destroyed by fire. In 1949, the Osaka Plant was reconstructed as a plant equipped with facilities suitable for a new age and regained its production capacity. We also rebuilt our sales network, which had lost its function, and established “Kozuchikai” in Tokyo and Osaka as a new sales organization in 1948.

Development of new technologies that meet the growth of manufacturing industries in Japan

 In response to growing demand for paint due to the growth of domestic manufacturing industries, such as automotive, shipbuilding and housing, since around 1952, we enhanced the production capacity of the Tokyo Plant and the Osaka Plant. Amid increasing popularity of synthetic resin paints, we focused on the development of challenging technologies again. In 1951, as a forerunner who had developed synthetic resin paints since before Pacific War, we developed the high solid lacquer “Pylac” for the exterior of buses and private railroad cars, the melamine-based baking paint “Orga 100” for various metal products, utensils, home appliances, and office equipment, and the new-type rust-preventive paint “Vinilex Active Primer.” In 1952, the vinyl-based(*) ship bottom paint “Vinilex” was launched, realizing the operation of a large ship using vinyl-based ship bottom paint for the first time in Japan. In 1954, we expanded the scale of our laboratories to improve facilities for research, establishing a new laboratory at the headquarters in Osaka.

* Vinyl-based paints: Paints made from resins containing vinyl groups

Enhancement of production and sales in response to the rapid economic growth in Japan

In the 30s of the Showa Era (1955-1964), shipbuilding was one of the prime export industries in Japan, so we became one of the market leaders in the category of marine coatings, the origin of our business, having a 10% market share. In addition, our business performance was also boosted by the growth of the Japanese economy due to a boom in home appliances for modern life―washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions― and full-scale development of the domestic automotive industry.
After 1960, we launched new products one after another to meet market needs, which diversified as the Japanese economy rapidly grew. In 1965, we constructed a large plant 18,750 m2 in area in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, which served as a production base to meet rapidly growing demand in the high economic growth period as well as a driving force of our growth.

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