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1. Search engine within this site

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When you are unable to find the information you are looking for, type the keyword you would like to search for into the search window and press the search button. The pages that contain the keyword you entered are displayed in the search results.

2. About the text-to-speech function

The text-to-speech function provided by ReadSpeaker Japan is available on this site for improved accessibility. This function enables elderly users, users with low vision, and users with eye strain to access information on this site comfortably.
You can click the Listen button in the upper left of each page to listen to the text on the page. ReadSpeaker is available for free and does not require any downloaded plug-ins or applications.

How to use

webReader by ReadSpeaker allows users to use the following functions.

  • Click the Listen button, and the text on a web page is read aloud.
  • Use your mouse to select the part of the text you want read, then click the Listen button in the pop-up menu to have the selected text read.
  • By clicking the buttons in the player, you can change the volume level, speed of speech, font size, text color, and highlighting color.
  • You can download an audio version of the content for offline listening.
  • To use this feature, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

*You’ll find clear instructions on how to use each feature in the help button【?】in the toolbar.

Keyboard controls

ReadSpeaker can also be operated without a mouse by using the keyboard to start and stop reading.

  • Stop reading: Press the Enter key (works on all browsers)
  • Start reading: Control keys differ depending on the OS and browser version.
  • IE:Alt+L+Enter
  • Firefox:Alt+Shift+L
  • Chrome:Alt+L
  • Safari:Alt+L
  • Edge:Alt+L
  • Firefox 2 or later:Control+L
  • Firefox 14 or later:Control+Alt+L
  • Chrome 1 or later:Control+Alt+L
  • Safari 4 or later:Control+Alt+L

About ReadSpeaker Japan Co., Ltd.

ReadSpeaker Japan Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent in Japan for ReadSpeaker Holding B.D., a leading ASP that provides read-aloud text-to-speech service with a strong track record of adoption for more than about 10,000 websites mainly by government agencies, local governments, large private companies, and media in 62 countries centering on European countries since its foundation in Sweden, an advanced welfare state, in 1999.

3. How to change font size

You can change the font size of text between Default and Large by clicking the Default or Large button in the upper right of each page. The Default setting is Normal.

* JavaScript is used to change the font size of text, and this function does not work when JavaScript is not enabled on your PC.

4. Printing a page

To print the page displayed on the screen, click the Print this page button in the upper right of each page. When you print a page using this button, you can print the main contents, excluding the header, footer, and navigation, which are operation functions.

* JavaScript is used to change the font size of text, and this function does not work when JavaScript is not enabled on your PC.

* You can also use the print function of the Web browser.

* The print function does not support printing from smartphones.

5. About RSS

Updates of IR news on this site are sent out using RSS.

RSS feeds distribution

To use RSS feeds, please subscribe to RSS for this site from the link below using the RSS reader you are using.

What is RSS?

RSS is a data format used to distribute data such as dates and titles in a structured form. You can receive information updates using a browser that supports RSS and an RSS reader.

Cautions when using RSS

Please note the following points when using RSS.

  • Questions on the use of RSS, as well as questions or inquiries regarding software such as RSS readers provided by a third party, are not accepted. We appreciate your understanding.
  • RSS feeds distributed from this site may not be used beyond the scope of personal use without NPHD’s permission..
  • Re-distribution of headlines, producing e-mail magazines, creating websites, and other secondary use of our RSS content are strictly prohibited.
  • All information distributed from this site is as of the date of announcement of such information, and the content of information may be changed due to passage of time and other reasons.
  • Please note that the content or format of RSS feeds may be changed and RSS distribution from this site may be suspended without notice.

6. Breadcrumbs (or Breadcrumb trail)

Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail are navigation techniques to indicate user location information on the current page by hierarchical structure. You can click these links to jump to the desired navigation level. It is convenient to confirm the current location of the page, or to go back to the parent page directly.

About JavaScript

This site uses JavaScript and Cookie to enhance your experience. The display and functions on this site may not work correctly if JavaScript and Cookie are disabled in your browser settings. Please enable JavaScript and Cookie in your browser settings for using this site.

Recommended environment for viewing

We recommend using the following web browsers to view this site.

Recommended environment

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Firefox latest version
  • Safari latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Firefox latest version


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