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Updated: July 26, 2022
Added "Asset Assembler" "Global Key Persons (GKP)" "Partner company" and "Partner Company Group (PCG)" to the Glossary.

Anti-glare paint

Coatings to soften harsh light are applied to protective films for LCD displays on PCs, televisions, and smartphones.

Anti-bacterial coating

Coating used to inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa to prevent infectious diseases.

Antifungal coating

Coating to prevent mold growth on building interior base layers or coated surfaces. Used especially for bathrooms and kitchens, and interiors of breweries and food factories.

Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA)

An architectural design competition for students from Asian countries that started in 2008, targeting students studying architecture and interior design in 17 geographical locations in Asia including Japan, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. who study architecture and interior design, with the aim of developing talent who can accept diversity and act with social consciousness.

Asset Assembler

Asset Assembler is a business model adopted by Nippon Paint Holdings to pursue MSV. Based on this model, we will aim for accelerated growth over the medium and long term with limited risk by assembling strong brands and excellent talent through the expansion of existing businesses and aggressive M&A.

Automotive Coatings Business

The Automotive Coatings Business supplies high-quality, high-performance products to global car manufacturers, ranging from auto-body coatings to coatings for automobile interior components.

Autonomous and decentralized management

Autonomous and decentralized management is the management structure adopted by the Nippon Paint Group. Based on Trust of Group partner companies in Japan and around the world, the Nippon Paint Group will carry out management based on delegation of authority combined with accoutability, allowing our partner companies in every region to collaborate with each other pursuing autonomous growth.

Coatings for plastic components

Coatings that improve surface qualities or provide special properties to coated objects, such as self-healing properties to maintain superior appearance and surface qualities even after prolonged use and antistatic properties to prevent dust adhesion.

Color Universal Design (CUD)

A user-oriented design system developed in consideration of people with various types of color vision.

Decorative Paints Business

The Decorative Paints Business provides paint and coatings for houses, buildings, bridges, and factories. We contribute to society through our coating technologies, delivering high-function paints and coatings with advanced properties such as weather-resistance, superb designability, and protection against bacterial and viral infections, as well as eco-friendly products such as heat-shield coatings and water-based paints.

E – I

Fine Chemicals Business

The Fine Chemicals Business provides advanced products and services in the surface treatment field, such as base coatings and functional coatings for a wide range of industry sectors. It also supplies coating materials suitable for electronic materials and new materials for natural energy applications.

Fire retardant coating

This coating is used for the steel frames of buildings. When a fire occurs, the coating swells to create a thick heat-insulating layer and protect steel frames from the heat of fire for a certain period.

Fluorescent paint

Coating products that emit vividly shining fluorescent colors, used in a variety of situations to draw attention, alert, or avoid hazards.

Global Key Persons (GKP)

The term that refers to management of Group partner companies

Hard coating

Coating for electronic materials (IC substrates, films), optical materials (mobile phones, PCs, home electronic products), automotive parts (interior plastic parts, plating), and construction materials (sashes, stainless steel, aluminum parts), designed to provide various properties such as scratch resistance, creating a hard-coat layer.

Heat-resistant coating

Heat-resistant coating used in automobile engines, factory chimneys, frying pans, stoves, etc.

Heat-shielding coatings

Heat-shielding coatings for road surfaces designed to reflect sunlight with the potential to reduce the rise in road temperature by more than 10°C compared to general-purpose coatings. Controlling the urban heat island phenomenon will reduce air conditioner power consumption and help to mitigate global warming.

Industrial Coatings Business

The Industrial Coatings Business provides pre-coat and post-coat paints, as well as eco-friendly products including water-based paints and powder paints, to a wide range of industry sectors including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, exterior building materials, office furniture, and home electronics.

J – P

Jujiro Moteki

In 1881, the Nippon Paint Group's founder, Jujiro Moteki, became the first person in Japan to develop non-toxic zinc white to help women suffering from poisoning by the white lead (a kind of white pigment) that was contained in face powders at that time.


LiBang is the Nippon Paint Group’s brand deployed in the paint market in China. This brand has been awarded the Outstanding Brand Award at the China Economic Summit for three years in a row, and has built a powerful presence backed by the Group's excellent technological and marketing capabilities, earning high levels of customer satisfaction.

Light-storing coating

Light-storing coating, or night-glow coating, emits light in dark places. This coating product has the ability to absorb light from sunlight and interior lighting and glow in dark places for a long period.


This is the name of our women’s table tennis team started in 2017. The Nippon Paint Mallets have participated in Japan's table tennis pro league, the T.LEAGUE, since October 2018, communicating the appeal of sports and inspiring children to dream.

Maximization of Shareholder Value (MSV)

Maximization of Shareholder Value (MSV) is the sole mission of the Nippon Paint Group. We seek to create wealth by maximizing the residual shareholder value that remains after fulfilling our obligations to customers, suppliers, employees, and society.

Nipsea Group

Nipsea Group is a partner company of the Nippon Paint Group and a leading paint manufacturer in Asia operating in 22 countries and regions with 95 manufacturing facilities. Established in 1962 as a joint venture between Wuthelam and NPHD in 1962, Nipsea Group became a consolidated subsidiary of NPHD in 2014 and was fully integrated by NPHD in 2021.

Other Paints Business

Our Other Paints Business develops advanced paints such as ultra-fuel-efficient antifouling paints that comply with global environmental regulations in the shipbuilding and shipping industries. We provide paints that are suitable for ship repair and help reduce environmental impact by applying cutting-edge technologies cultivated through coatings for new cars.

Paint and coatings

Paint and coatings can increase the value of coated objects by imparting special functions, as well as protection and aesthetic finishes. Paint and coatings evolve in response to the progress and needs of society, keeping pace with contemporary trends in aspects such as quality improvement, economic efficiency (labor-saving, resource-saving, energy-saving), comfort, safety, and environmental protection.

Paint Related Business

Paint Related Business provides adjacencies, such as sealants, adhesives & fillers (SAF) and construction chemicals (CC). Similar to the paint market, the paint related market is expected to growth with construction demand. In addition, this is a capex-light business and has distribution networks that share many common features with paint distribution networks.


Nippon Paint Group’s logo, which represents our commitment to providing solutions to social issues through technological innovation in paints.

Paint and Coatings Business

Our business comprises five business domains: automotive coatings, decorative paints, industrial coatings, fine chemicals, and other paints.

Partner company

The term that refers to consolidated subsidiaries of Nippon Paint Holdings

Partner Company Group (PCG)

Nippon Paint Group companies grouped by region or business

Perfect Interior Air Clean

Perfect Interior Air Clean is the first coating of its kind and the only emulsion paint certified by the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ).

Powerful Partnerships

A management style adopted by NPHD that fosters organic collaboration and cooperation among partner companies in each region, rather than implementing centralized control by NPHD, to pursue autonomous growth.

Q – Z

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is a global initiative of companies in the chemical industry for voluntarily ensuring environmental responsibility, safety, and health, disclosing the results of activities, and engaging in dialogue and communication with society throughout the entire business process, from the development of chemical substances to manufacture, distribution, use, final consumption, disposal, and recycling.

Ship hull paint

There are two types of ship hull paint: anti-corrosion paint that prevents ship hulls from corrosion, and anti-fouling paint that prevents the adhesion of organisms.

Soft-feel coating

Coatings that can add functionality such as a warm, smooth, or moist finish, providing a relaxing effect.

Stain-resistant paint

Coatings featuring greater stain resistance than conventional products, which can maintain the superior appearance of houses and buildings for a long time. Applying these coatings creates a hydrophilic layer on the surface, which prevents static electricity for dirt resistance and imparts a self-cleaning effect when it rains to ease removal of dirt.


VOC is an acronym of Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are generated from building materials, paints, adhesives, preservatives, etc. used for walls and floors in newly built or newly renovated houses. In Japan, laws and regulations, as well as voluntary initiatives by business operators, are in place to reduce VOC emissions.

Wuthelam Group

The Wuthelam Group, founded in 1949, operates investment business. Our partnership with Wuthelam dates back to 1962, when we jointly established Pan Malaysia Paint Industries (now Nippon Paint (Singapore) Company Private Limited) in Singapore.

Source: Prepared by the Company based on “Functionality of Paint and Coatings” and “Japanese Paint Industry ’19” published by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association

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