Our Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Making collaborative efforts with partner companies in Japan and overseas through spider web management to solve issues and create opportunities by implementing infection control measures and through businesses

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NPHD is implementing appropriate measures based on the business continuity plan (BCP), with the highest priority placed on the safety of its employees, and in accordance with the guidelines established by the governments of various countries and organizations concerned. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibility in supplying Nippon Paint products that are crucial in supporting social infrastructures and industries. In addition, we will focus our utmost efforts on the development of paint and coatings technologies, and push forward with our social contribution initiatives and business activities by offering new products and services.

Schematic of management in a spider's web among groups at home and abroad

Three basic policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak

  1. To protect employees and their families from coronavirus infections
  2. To secure funds to protect the Group’s businesses around the world
  3. To have a business continuity plan (BCP) firmly in place

For our latest response to the coronavirus outbreak, please see “Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak” on our website.

Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

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