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MSV Story

WhyWhy do we exist?

Nippon Paint Group Purpose Our Shared Identity Business Philosophy

Nippon Paint Group positions Purpose as a guiding philosophy that defines the shared identity of the Group, while respecting the autonomy of our partner companies* based on their own Missions, Visions, and Values. Based on our shared values, diverse people at our partner companies around the world will form strong bonds and collaborate to achieve Maximization of Shareholder Value (MSV). Consolidated subsidiaries of Nippon Paint Holdings

Business Philosophy
Prosper Together
We prosper with absolute integrity and fairness by fulfilling our obligations and maximizing our commitments to all stakeholders (consumers, customers, communities, employees, suppliers, governments).
Science + Imagination
The unlimited power of Science + Imagination, leading to ground-breaking technology and useful innovation that preserve, enhance and enrich the world.
Powerful Partnerships
Our unique approach between our partner companies is based on respect, trust, empowerment, and accountability. These partnerships form a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth.

WhatWhat do we aim to achieve?

Our sole mission MSV (Maximization of Shareholder Value)

Nippon Paint Group is a unique Japan-based global company with MSV as its sole mission. Based on Asset Assembler model, we seek to create wealth by maximizing the residual shareholder value that remains after fulfilling our obligations to customers, suppliers, employees, society, and other stakeholders.


HowHow are we going to achieve MSV?

Autonomous and decentralized management based on strong Trust in partner companies

Using Asset Assembler model based on Trust in our partner companies around the world, we will implement autonomous and decentralized management that combines the delegation of authority and accountability and build up assets (earnings, brands, talent, etc.) by expanding our existing businesses and aggressively engaging in M&A.


WhereWhere are we going?

Going beyond paint and into adjacencies Paint++

Expanding into adjacencies without limiting our operations to the paint and coatings area (Paint++) —We are pursuing a strategy of pushing out the frontiers of our business areas over the medium to long term. Through aggressive M&A, we will build up assets not only in existing business areas but also in areas beyond paint, to achieve MSV.


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